CLaCS Technology is a New Breakthrough in the Treatment of Varicose Veins

CLaCS Technology for varicose veins treatment - Dr. Hossam El Mahhdy

For the first time in Egypt, the CLaCS method for varicose veins treatment, which is the method adopted by Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy to get rid of the problem of varicose veins and spider capillaries in a more effective and successful way. This technology was pioneered by Professor Caso Miyake of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1999. Over the years, CLaCS has been used to treat thousands of patients with very good and long-lasting results.

What is the CLaCS method?
CLaCS (Cryo Laser & CreoSclerotherapy) is a powerful and definitive combination of varicose veins and intravenous capillaries treatment, which combines intense transcutaneous laser power with intravenous infusion therapy, along with reliance on magnified image reality through an augmented reality vein viewer which is a special optical system. This is in addition to severe freezing of the skin with a refrigeration device to a temperature of up to (-20). CLaCS is a professional method for treating varicose veins in both areas of the body and the legs.

There are 4 Basic Elements in CLaCS:
1- Strong skin cooling to reduce pain from laser and injection and protect the skin from any pigmentation.
2- Using an augmented reality vein viewer to clearly see the reason of the problem and identify the veins feeding the varicose veins, so that they can be treated with great accuracy and with the highest success rates and results that last for long period of time.
3- Applying the trans-vein laser with maximum effectiveness.
4- Injecting the spider veins with chemicals (sclerotherapy).
How is the CLaCS procedure performed?
The laser acts on the venous capillary or vein wall and causes selective photothermia without damaging the skin, reducing the diameter of the venous capillaries in the same second. Within seconds, a hard substance is injected into the enlarged blood vessel, with the use of a cooling device in all these rapid steps. The procedure is performed using a special magnifying and augmented reality vein viewer, whereby the doctor can clearly see even the smallest veins, capillaries and blood vessels feeding on the surface of the skin.

How can the doctor see the feeding veins under the skin and perform the procedure in a clear way?
The procedure is performed using a special system to enlarge the vein and to make a scan through a device called an augmented reality vein viewer; Which allows the doctor to see even the smallest venous blood vessels that can not always be seen with the naked eye, because it is an optical system that helps to see the veins of microscopic diameter clearly on the surface of the skin, as the system scans the image of the venous network with the help of special infrared sensors, and then magnifies it and displayed on the surface of the skin. The appearance of blood vessels very clearly on the surface of the skin is called the reality of the magnified image.

Is the CLaCS procedure painful?
Absolutely as it is done by the cooling device which sends a strong stream of cold air into the treated area during the operation; This greatly reduces discomfort and pain during treatment.
When will you notice the results of the procedure?
In most cases, spider veins disappear 4 to 6 weeks after CLaCS treatment, and some disappear immediately after the initial CLaCS session. However, in most cases, treatment may take up to two months before the full result is achieved.

Why choose CLaCS technology?
The results of this technique are better than the treatment of varicose veins by injection only or the traditional venous laser treatment only, as it combines the best methods of treatment for varicose veins. This is in addition to the presence of the optical system for the reality of the enlarged image (augmented reality vein viewer), which enables you to treat and eliminate the supplying veins and feeding veins with great accuracy; Which leads to successful treatment and a lasting result compared to the conventional treatment and the use of each technique separately.
Who is the ideal candidate for CLaCS technology?
Before treatment, Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy will review your medical history, review any treatment you have received, and previous surgeries for vascular diseases, examine the veins and their diameters, assess the condition of the deep leg veins and the condition of the venous valves. Then he will determine the most appropriate treatment for your case to receive the best possible results.
How many CLaCS sessions are required to treat varicose veins?
It depends on the extent of the spider veins spread and the patient's desire for treatment. For example, the spider veins that are 10 cm x 10 cm in size, you may need 2 to 3 sessions of CLaCS to permanently get rid of the varicose veins.
Can varicose veins return back after CLaCS?
Because CLaCS technology precisely targets the feeding veins, improvement after CLaCS persists over time in the treated area, and the return back rates of varicose veins are significantly lower than treatment with conventional methods. However, new spider veins can appear in other areas different from those that underwent treatment, and this is due to genetic factors, but it can be controlled by undergoing the unique CLaCS technique in its results.
علاج الدوالي بتقنية الكلاكس

Do I need to take any precautions after CLaCS treatment?
There are no specific precautions after treatment. Where the treatment is characterized as a non-surgical intervention and is carried out under the influence of local anaesthesia only, without the need for general anaesthesia or long recovery periods; So the patient can return to work and normal activities within 4-6 hours. It is also allowed to exercise after 24 hours.

Do I need to wear socks after CLaCS treatment?
Ideally, wearing socks are not needed after CLaCS treatment. However, the need may depend on the extent of the spread of the spider veins. If multiple sessions are required due to wide spider veins, it is recommended to use graduated compression socks between treatment sessions until all required sessions have been completed.
Why is CLaCS treatment not available in many places in Egypt?
The problem of varicose veins and spider veins, although it seems not dangerous, has a negative impact on the individual, not only in terms of aesthetic appearance, but can also cause severe pain, fatigue, spontaneous bleeding under the skin and severe ulcers. Therefore, a proper treatment and a radical solution to the problem must be available, but traditional treatments, whether laser only or injections only, have failed to treat some cases in which varicose veins are a result of latent venous reflux, which needs more advanced solutions.

From this standpoint, Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, the pioneer of vascular diseases, was keen to keep pace with progress and modern innovations in treatment over many years. He presented CLaCS treatment in his clinics for the first time in Egypt and was able to provide all the devices and technology required to carry out this procedure professionally and provide an innovative and complete solution for the problem of varicose veins.
Why is CLaCS better than injection therapy alone or laser therapy alone?
CLaCS is superior to other varicose vein treatments for the following reasons:
1- The combination of laser and injection therapy for spider veins works better together than each one alone. Thus, CLaCS results are more effective.
2- The possibility of dealing with the feeding veins that can be seen using the augmented reality vein viewer and targeting them accurately and clearly during the treatment steps, unlike traditional methods. The presence of these untreated feeder veins is the main reason why varicose veins fail to respond to treatment with either laser or injection alone. Untreated varicose veins are also often responsible for the returning back of varicose veins and spider veins after laser or injection-only treatment. Thus, the results of CLaCS are long-term and effective.
3- There are no complications on the skin or pigmentation because the laser used works selectively only for the swollen veins, without causing any damage to the skin tissue, so the results of CLaCS are more aesthetic.
You can book an appointment for medical examination and permanently to get rid of varicose veins with Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Professor of Vascular Surgery and Varicose Veins Treatment with CLaCS technology.