Varicose Veins Treatment with Laser and CLaCS Technology in Egypt in just 5 Days!

Medical Tourism in Egypt - Varicose veins treatment - CLaCS - Laser

Egypt is a country of progress and civilization, not only in history, but also in various fields of medicine. It is considered a tourism and therapeutic destination that attracts all people from all over the world.

A Brief overview of the CLaCS Technology:
CLaCS is an acronym for (Cryo Laser & Cryo Sclerotherapy) and it is a new breakthrough in the world of treating varicose veins and capillaries to get rid of them permanently. CLaCS technology relies on the use of specific beams of extended-wave lasers, in addition to reliance on cooling and injection together, all using an augmented reality vein viewer. This technology ensures that you return to work quickly and also you can travel within two days after the CLaCS normally.

How does the CLaCS technique help you to get rid of varicose veins irreversibly?
Varicose veins disease is an enlargement of the leg veins and a weakening of the internal valves. As a result, the veins lose their ability to perform their function of returning blood to the heart against gravity, causing pain, discoloration of the skin and protrusion of the veins.

Varicose veins usually result from prolonged standing and may be due to genetic causes. It was also found that females are more likely to have varicose veins than males, and this fact may be due to the change in their hormonal levels, beginning with the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, including fetal and uterine pressure, then the use of hormonal methods of contraception until the use of compensatory hormones to control menopausal symptoms.

The CLaCS technique will avoid the presence of varicose veins in easy steps and without feeling any pain, and this is done by following these points:
- At the beginning, Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Professor of Vascular Surgery, uses an Augmented Reality Vein Viewer that emits infrared radiation, to be absorbed by the hemoglobin in red blood cells in the veins and reflect it again so that the affected veins appear clearly; This allows the treatment of the feeder veins that are the basis of the problem, and this helps the varicose veins to disappear.
- Then, the external laser is used to direct the laser waves, through a dedicated laser device (the indica laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm) to cause a shrinkage of the feeder veins by 50 to 75% in addition to the occurrence of photolysis of the vein wall.
- During the use of the laser, the doctor uses a cooling device that is -20 cold, which helps in reducing the sensation of pain.
- Then a sclerosing or occlusive substance is injected into the vein through a very small needle. This substance helps to close the vein completely.

What is Egypt's imprint in the treatment of varicose veins with CLaCS technology?
Egypt is characterized by tourism attractions that attract tourists to enjoy all the scenic views, between deserts, mountains or seas full of coral reefs. Whatever your interests and hobbies, your visit to Egypt will meet your needs. And it is not limited to tourism here, as Egypt also has a distinctive imprint in the treatment of varicose veins, as the CLaCS technique is only found in clinics of Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy and some very few centers in the Middle East. If you are a tourist or a visitor and at the same time a patient with varicose veins, you should take the opportunity and book an appointment at the clinics of Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy to get rid of varicose veins in one or two sessions, depending on your case, at very special prices, while ensuring that you return to your activities and complete your tourism trips normally, or travel and return to work within two days after the CLaCS.

What is the cost of treatment with CLaCS technology?
The prices of CLaCS sessions vary from one center to another and differ from Egypt to abroad. In Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy's clinics, the latest laser devices are used and all international technologies are applied, and the price is determined according to the number of sessions you need. For example, if the spider veins are 10 cm x 10 cm in size, you will need two or three sessions, and of course the cost will vary in that case.

Are diabetics not a candidate for CLaCS technology?
The spread of varicose disease is due to individual differences between people and is to different degrees, so the sooner you treat it, the more you guarantee that the varicose veins will not recur again.
The doctor can also apply the CLaCS technique to diabetic patients by changing the injection material from one substance (50% high concentration glucose) to another substance, thus ensuring complete safety.

What distinguishes Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy's clinics from others?
The clinics of Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Professor of Vascular Surgery and Treatment of Diabetic Foot and Varicose Veins at Cairo University, are among the pioneers in applying the unique CLaCS technology in getting rid of varicose veins and spider capillaries, because Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy is always keen to apply the latest technologies and global innovations in disposal from varicose veins in the safest and least painful way for the patient, and his care to the smallest details to ensure the patient's quick return to his normal life. Therefore, many patients visit the clinics of Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy not only from Egypt, but also from another countries, and from all over the Gulf countries and the Middle East, due to his great experience and the success of his operations at rates that exceed all centers, in addition to the ability of our patients to travel and return to their country within two days after CLaCS procedure.

Why does CLaCS technology attract patients from all over the Gulf countries?
CLaCS technology is not available in many centers as we mentioned before, as we are among the pioneers in the Middle East and we are keen to offer it in an appropriate price. The CLaCS technique gives the best results to get rid of painful varicose veins, which may progress and cause many complications that may reach to the presence of venous ulcers. The CLaCS technique solves the patient's problem from its roots and also cares for the aesthetic shape of the legs by removing any scars of the varicose veins, and this is what women hope for in order to preserve the beauty of their legs and to have the freedom to wear their clothes without restriction.علاج الدوالي بتقنية الكلاكس

Why is CLaCS considered as an aesthetic treatment for varicose veins?
There are many advantages to CLaCS technology, it has changed the concept of varicose veins treatment a lot, and it has also added an aesthetic touch as well. Because there are ways to get rid of varicose veins such as foam injections that leave some skin pigmentation, which is not suitable for many patients, although it is also an effective way to get rid of varicose veins. But the CLaCS technology has proven to be so advanced because it does not leave any scars. This is what Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Professor of Vascular Surgery, aims to provide, which is providing an effective aesthetic and painless treatment by applying international techniques in Egypt with precision and professionalism to serve all patients from all over the Middle East.

Features of the CLaCS in Brief:
• The use of two techniques in the same procedure, namely laser and sclerotherapy, gives distinguished results for the treatment of varicose veins in a stronger and more effective way.
• The use of cooling technology prevents the individual from feeling any degree of pain during the procedure.
• Treatment of varicose veins without the need for open surgery or even going for a surgical incision.
• Directing the laser through the skin does not affect the healthy blood vessels, but rather is more specific to the affected veins; This ensures better aesthetic results.
• Return to work or travel normally after two days of CLaCS.

Now you can get rid of varicose veins easily and safely with Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England with the latest technology for the treatment of varicose veins as a definitive treatment, which is the effective CLaCS technique for all degrees of varicose veins.